An Exercise in Love

Poem By Diane di Prima

for Jackson Allen
My friend wears my scarf at his waist
I give him moonstones
He gives me shell & seaweeds
He comes from a distant city & I meet him
We will plant eggplants & celery together
He weaves me cloth

Many have brought the gifts
I use for his pleasure
silk, & green hills
& heron the color of dawn

My friend walks soft as a weaving on the wind
He backlights my dreams
He has built altars beside my bed
I awake in the smell of his hair & cannot remember
his name, or my own.

Comments about An Exercise in Love

This is a nice poem with a nice title.
Nice poem with a nice title.
I awake in the smell of his hair & cannot remember his name, or my own. Nice composition! ! ! ! ! !
I like these expressions ''plant eggplants '', ''weaves me cloth'', ''silk, & green hills''.They make me think of the moment of entwining in a spiritual cocoon. Love becomes astral being suggested by ''moonstones'' and earth water containing ''shell & seaweeds'', containing life. The word ''seaweeds'' can be decomposed. I read the word ''awe'' which is seemingly shrouded in the word ''seeds''. This intention to veil the mystery of love in order to protect this feeling is clearly expressed in the last stanza, ''He backlights my dreams/He has built altars beside my bed''. Wonderful poem- voted 10
A beautiful and sensuous dream of love. Exquisitely detailed. A pleasure to read as the imagery floats in, each line like a gentle wave.

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4,3 out of 5
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