An Exhausted Planet

the arrogance of the day is disturbing
some blame it on modern politics
some say it's all about racism or fear
some blame anonymity and the internet
but it's all of that and none of that and more

that men are products of their times
can hardly be denied so it is all of that
the split between the political parties
has released some kind of nuclear energy
something evil buried deep in our dna

all the baser instincts now have a highway
and venomous politicos fuel the fires of hatred
people have returned to the cave seeking safety
finding some security in their own bigotry
but there is nothing new in any of this

we gaze at our flat screen TVs and smart phones
and text about the barbarians and drug gangs
and in the suburbs some sign up for hopelessness
while the rebels dream of solar-punk revolutions
far beyond the avarice of an exhausted planet

by Barry Middleton

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