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An Exhausted Poet
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An Exhausted Poet

Expressing emotion
good and bad
purging oneself
of feeling sad.

Feeling other’s pain
sharing other’s dreams
searching for praises
and critiques it seems.

Sharing experiences
with others alike
expressing thoughts
in the dead of night.

Surpassing oneself
in the art of words spoken
bequeathing love
when hearts are broken.

Anxiously awaiting words
to enter one’s mind
emphasizing feelings
whether abrupt or kind.

Savoring the moments
their minds open wide,
fuzing words
if time will abide.

Feeling of relief
with words readily expressed
mental blocks come and go
some are blessed.

Keeping in mind
any moment could bring fame
if one’s mind represses thoughts
pray they’ll regain.

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Langston Hughes


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