MS (25-11-1960 / Pakistan)

An Experience

How sometimes strange demands emerge,
In the curious mind, and heart urges,
To explore unknown curtained truth.

I urged once to taste the flavour of death,
And did realize a horrible experience.
I died in dream, Ah! What did I feel?
Darkness all around, thick and black,
Much darker than the blackest paint,
Encompassing the surrounding zones.

Inexpressible heavy weight as one feels,
When placed under the stony rocks.
Neither could I speak nor move a slight.
The heavy limbs with suspended strength;
But could hear the tips of slippers,
Or the children’s voices out at play.
This lasted as long one counts ten,
With moderate speed like ticking sound.

When it broke each joint of bones,
Was perspiring, the forehead was moisty pale,
And felt I too loathsome exhaustion,
To move the fleshy bones the whole day.

by Muhammad Shanazar

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