An Experience Without Ambiguity

The mystical experience
need not be a logical formulation
or expressed well symbolically.

There is a conscious awareness of God,
though, ever tenuous and tinged with doubt.

But there is no doubt
in immediate intuition.

It is an experience
that impresses itself
up on us directly
without ambiguity.

(Feature Articles: Musings on Awareness, Part 09- March 2011

by Dr. Antony Theodore

Comments (2)

And like you say here, Tony, it is commonly expressed by those of us with these experiences that they are beyond words—though in measured time they may last just moments and be so profound in their effects, how convey them to others? -Glen
The spiritual experience with the divine is not necessarily a plausible or articulate presentation and may not be either articulate or persuasive with the use of allegory. There is a very strong sense of the presence of God, though ever dubious and vague. But, there can be no uncertainty in direct awareness. It is a spiritual encounter that instils itself on us precisely without deviation.