An Experiment Demonstrating, Gravity And The Compleat Reality Of Love

take this very thin stick.
Lay it on this table.
So. the end sticks over the edge.

Now. the sun, you see,
casts the stick's shadow, precisely,
on a book upon our lap.
We see exactly, this thin shadow
scribe a line, intended,
exactly along the length of a sentence on this book.

Now wait, and finely, we observe,
in silence as, within a moment,
this, precise, thin, shadow,
(precisely as, in a moment,)
leaves, in exact measure, this length of words.
To show, precisely,
that is to say, exactly, movement.

Thus, the givens:
1. sun, silent;
2. waiting, quiet,
3. shadow, still,
4. the words: 'the mind of man, and, into the meaning of love.'
5. the book: The Man Without Qualities.

The measure:
for measure, strictly, speaking,
it is, the earth, precisely, moving.

Thus, we can conclude:
a. mind,
b. man,
c. meaning,

d. movement.

So to prove:
beyond a shadow of a
sun seeing silence
move; exactly as it was
in the beginning
was the word, and the word
along the shadow line,


by John Thorpe

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