(07 April 1950 / London)

An Eye For Thought

Was it the hand of an elderly silver
Haired God with a long flowing beard
That flung the stars in the night sky
And who created Man in His own image
On a still very fresh virgin Earth
Or was it something even more subtle

Did everything come into existence
From thermal vents deep in the oceans
Or scattered here on Earth from
Molecules buried in the ice of
Falling comets or asteroids and then
Scattered by the four winds.

Is nature itself Creator refining and
Adjusting through evolution such as the eye that
All creatures have. How can an eye be designed
As if it were a piece of machinery. The eye
Does, in my eye, seem to have evolved over time
Dependent on the lifestyle of each recipient

Who is capable to decide where we all came from
Do you listen to those of religion or science or
Philosophers or poets or even celebratory chefs
For that matter. Is it the eloquence of words or
The rationale of science that holds the key to unlock
This deep mystery, The evidence is in your own eyes.

by David Wood

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Comments (2)

The eloquence of words is comforting to those who needed them at that point in time. The rationale of science had not been able to provide all the answers. So now we have an environment vulnerable to exploitation, and many had thrived off it. At the end of the day, Darwin may be proven right after all. Thanks David, but all this is beyond me.
Great...one of those post-graduate questions for which we've only been fed kidergarten answers. Good thing there's fearless poets still around.