An Honorable Man

He never had in him the lust for wander and he has never wished to go to live elsewhere
He has never been in a big city or seen any of the bigger world out there
He has never had a female or a male lover going by what those who have known him for decades say
And he remains as he was much a loner over time he has not changed in any way
He lives on his own one in his early fifties wakes early for work every working day
An honest person who minds his own business and one who works hard for his every pay
Does not go to the church or watch sports on the t v does not go to parties or does not socialize
Does not have a religious belief but he is an avid reader and in the ways of the world he is knowledgeable and wise
One might say to most that he is very different and to most he looks at life quite differently
But to you who say that he is a strange person is he in any way stranger than you or me?
Perhaps in most ways he is better than us in his words he never puts others down
Having that said if everyone were like him there would not be any pubs or cafes in the town
Like all of us he may be far from perfect but to live a good life he does the best he can
And it would be a crime free World if everyone were like him for he is quite an honorable man.

by Francis Duggan

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