Even as a householder you are a yogi supreme
For the world a worldy person you might seem
You have never forgotten your duty and goal
Many might wonder at your degree of control!

I know the truth having lived my life with you
Did not agree yet my admiration was for you
Nothing and no one could shake your stance
Perhaps Mother sent you, Her Loving Glance!

Bereft of earthly mother at a very young age
You some how took care of self and engage
In the inner world where you conversed oft
With God your smiling face ah ever so soft!

You take care of me as a mother takes care
I lacked for nothing knowing where you are
On this your birthday I pray that you remain
Safe in Mother's arms always having no pain!

(For my dear husband on his birthday September 9th 2007)

by Ashoka Harichandan

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I cryed while reading Phylis Wheatleys poems. Her words really hit my heart,
Brilliant write!
I like the rhyming of this poem. A soulful write emotions have deeply been poured.
Wonderful poem. I like it very much.
Wonderful mixing of the classical tradition with stream of consciousness expression.
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