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An Ideal State?
IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

An Ideal State?

The brazen blare of trumpets sounds.
As we approach the temple grounds
the rattling kettle drums compete
with ominously marching feet.

The people gather here today
in the old time honoured way.
To hear our leaders justify
why they have failed to satisfy.

The peoples wants, the peoples needs.
Explain their actions and their deeds
The leaders have no other choice
but hearken to the peoples voice.

If they have failed without just cause.
The peoples justice will enforce
summary execution.
A permanent solution.

For politicians who have lied
by all their fellows they are tried.
Allowed to mount their own defence
they must depend on eloquence.

We listen to their argument
and we consider their intent.
Their motives are what we must judge
This is no time for them to fudge.

They ruled as triumvirate
and so they must anticipate.
If one is guilty then all three
Will suffer the same penalty.

If we adjudge them innocent
by a unanimous consent.
They can retire honourably
having served us honestly.

We the people make the rules
elect the leaders as our tools.
To do as we instruct them to
They do not rule the peopled do.

If we decide they are corrupt.
The peoples anger will erupt.
For them there can be no appeal
it was their choice to cheat and steal.

An object lesson plain to see
for those who aspire to be.
Part of the next triumvirate
Chosen to serve our city state.

Ours is a true democracy
where every citizen is free.
To stand for office or refrain.
Those who have served may serve again.

But every two years they must face
the peoples judgement of their case.
Honest men need have no fear
dishonest men just disappear.

Stripped of all their ill gotten wealth
which they aquired by craft and stealth.
They pay the final penalty
they’re put to death immediately.

The peoples will is sovereign
Offenders will not sin again
This is a dream I’m sad to say
and not true of our world today.

Today our world is ruled by greed.
Use any method to succeed.
rewarded for dishonesty.
The people pay the penalty.



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Comments (5)

yeah rhymes are there...........rhythm is there and meter is also there............but images and metaphor are the soul poetry..........A Good poem about utopia.............
Was your dream Ideal State ever a true story? It may be the ideal that keeps, I think, democratic governments, with all their flaws and corruption, the best choice we have. We may be spied on by our own govenment, but TV stations, newspaper and internet connection have not been shut down. Voter apathy has allowed special interst groups more power than they deserve. One pereson one vote is not a fair fight with low voter participation. You poem should be sent out with every voter mailing. Or am I being too idealistic? Tom
Today's democratic processes and our custom of deferring the carrying out of justice have both benefits and disadvantages. Our leaders would doubtless be less inclined to flout the will of the people were they to face death for such behavior. 'Cronyism' would be less attractive. But then-who would want to lead, knowing an unpopular decision would subject one to the death penalty? Interesting poem, Ivor!
Right on the nail Ivor! Very good interpretation of then and now! Wow great write! (10) ! Thad
That last stanza says it all. You know, of course, that I 100% agree and 100% lament the truth of this eloquent piece. t x