An Ideal Woman

I am ordinary woman on earth
Tired of so many things and waiting for death
I am very ordinary and look every inch committed
I am being troubled all the time and insulted

I may not be model but have beautiful heart
Beating as normal with loving art
You may not find any substance with material
But no one can dare to come out with denial

I am careless in my food habits
I can set, align and feel very fit
In short I am earthly woman
So caring and loving for own man

I have self respect for self and for others
I can devote complete life for a person who solders
Takes our care and lives so near
Yet I cast doubt and live with fear

I am what I am and would be same
I feel nothing bad and have any shame
How can I love a person for his adultery?
When it is made known to me about flateery

I have been asked to opine honestly
I see visible cracks on her face and feel earnestly
She has thought of taking divorce
Even thought it is imposed on her by force

No lady would prefer desertion
Another lady in life seems out of question
If some one tries to threaten it with severance
It must taken note of and deal it at once

She is independent lady with weak will power
I need to guide and show the way to her
He claims all the time about love but threatens with another relation
She has calmness of river and one can find in revelation

“Cut him short of your financial support”
“Don’t maintain any contact and have rapport”
I suggested to her it as real solution with heavy heart
As he was taking her for granted and using all cleverness or art

She has moon’s face and comes out genuinely
I fear she may be left behind to live lonely
She has yet long way to go in this horrible circle
Yet she has to think positive and come out of trouble

I pray for her settled life and career
She must find very good partner and stay as dear
We can’t make life as testing ground
It is really a bad test and does not look sound

I would want her to be strong
Nothing may go bad or very wrong
She may choose right way of course
Life is meant to surge ahead and not have any pause

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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