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***...An Idyllic Love....***

from the other side of sunshine
from the village behind the stars

i fancy your coming back to me
i fancy you pulsating in my heart

i fancy your eyes were sad when you turned to go
i fancy, and darling, i let those tears flow

i fancy your lips trembled as you muttered goodbye
i fancy you even kissed me and the pain flits by

i fancy i hurt you, i fancy your heart even i broke
i fancy thats why you left....not because you chose to go

i fancy the beauty of your desertion, i call it all love
i fancy it because i have nothing, if not that trust

.ah my love!
even this lonely eve
i fancy...................
from the other side of midnight
from the village behind the hills

i fancy you beckon alluringly
i fancy you loving me still........

....sometimes a broken heart needs denial to heal...

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i fancy you pulsating in my heart actually your poem pulsates with want and love.....for the beloved and is very romantic its a very very nice poem...beautifully written cheers and ten
what feelings i can convey about your this great emotional poem? there is a pain and love vowen into words expressing itself.great1
an excellent write deep composition ma'am....a thirst, wanting, needing, having then loosing....amazing 10+++ ' kuch he kuch mein sub kuch chala gaya pheley tum chaley gaye phir dum chala gaya' - aijaz
You write well Wardha, but try keep the flow..... and should you be able to do so, your poems would be marvelous
Very good. But you could have made it more poetic and soothing.
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