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An Illusion

Your fingers electrify my skin
And send shivers down my spine
I’m so very aware
Of your hand in mine

And your breath across my neck -
It almost is too much
It doesn’t make sense how sensitive
I am to your touch

But in time the feelings fade,
Disappearing with the night
And your touch becomes a burden
As the morning sheds her light

And the minutes, they drag by
And through all this confusion
I slowly realize
It was simply an illusion

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Comments (6)

I love illusions..they are far more true and real than reality.: -)
So very nicely put, Thankyou for sharing
Nothing last forever, the tension has to go. Things must die to be reborne. Good writing! !
Very visual... Sexy and lucid on the mind
Hi Caroline, A very interesting twist. Exqusitely written. Provocatively poignant.
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