An Imaginary Journey...

Poem By Gencay

The sun rises from behind the world,
His face is not very distinguished, it may catch my eye in a little while.
I see a sunset purple lonely tree
A small island, purple, red waters now too
Colors intertwined, changed like marbling
Willow and pine trees, the weather both open and closed
At the bottom, blue and blue butterflies flying
Little white mushrooms, how nice!
On the yellow flowers, the color of mist
Two more butterflies, looking at each other
A muffled color of fog covered the water's edge
One tree bent, one still standing
Everywhere is fog, I see sailboats
I'm not sure if anyone is in it
Far away towards the stars.
The sky is full of stars, all bright and endless
Strange, there are clouds beyond
As if both day and night.
Here, another sailboat!
I can choose the person inside you this time
Steep rays through the clouds green the lake
Near the surface, what's the room?
A jellyfish, no brain and no heart
Jellyfish live too long but me too
I would live too long without my brain and heart
Image changed, I'm somewhere else
Fine, sparkling snowflakes sprinkled on the ground like salt
Snow is melting, melting, what now?
A railroad I see it, green all around
But there is no train in sight.
Maybe gone, maybe not come, I don't know
A black, black cat, eyes yellow black
She looks at me like I'm prey
He can jump on me any moment
What should I do? Should I run away?
The cat has disappeared.
Now the horses came out, two grains,
One black and white, they run
Fortunately it is not true to me.
I'm in front of a door now
Books lined up everywhere, books everywhere
Don't be around and walls of books, even doors from books.
I open the door, oh my god...
How many are
I'm talking about the balloons, they let out into the sky
When you wake up tomorrow morning instead of the sky
Covered all over him, thousands and colorful
You can see a lot of balloons, you will love it.
Where am i now
There is smoke color, there is smoke, it is suffocating here.
A cyclist passes by me
The little girl rides the bike, behind her
Younger brother than him, both happy.
They are gone, gray clouds have come, it's gonna rain
Long green grasses and red flowers down
The pigeons are here now, eight of them
They flew playfully to the roof.
What is that? Flowing whirling into the funnel
Like water, the sea swallows itself
There's the letter, with chocolate, string, and scissors, weird.
Water particles frozen, just shining
There's a blue background, record on it, it keeps rolling
Again ice bushes, ice buds, freezing lakes
Pink mountains, pink sky and pink tree.
Even the birds are pink, they fly.
I'm going out of here.
I can not go.
Yellow orange stone wall in front of me
That's it!
I have direction, my compass map!
I can go now.
Lightnings purple red, loud alarming
The air is as closed as I can.
Pastel paints, brushes, colors spilled on the floor.
Red on top, red sides, black bottom
There is a strange passage, a tiny lamp, the room is dim.
Where am i
A parade to the seashore
Starfish all around me, seashells
White and orange, weird shapes.
Now I'm somewhere else
Jellyfish, thousands
Will they hurt me?
If I dive into this mother
They can fight each other to own me
I must disappear before they see it.
Finally I came to the city, known, familiar city
Buildings and rain droplets
I don't like this place.
I see peas but it also looks like plum
Unroasted and pre-cooked coffee
Can i drink My mouth froze, and it tastes awful.
I'm tired,
My brain has stopped
The journey was up to here.

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