An Imitation Of Life To Live

No one is obligated to tolerate,
Anyone's excuses made...
With a repeated doing to make.
Or the thoughtlessness of self-indulgence,
Many have been taught...
For them this is okay.

Not even a spoiled child,
Growing up to remain undisciplined...
Should be given the benefit,
Of a restrained doubt allowed...
With this done to play out,
As an imitation of life to live.

'Stop it.
You are scaring me.
Why are you looking at me that way?
With your lips twisted biting your lips.
And with your eyes squenching,
As if targeted on me to do something quick.'

~Step on my toes again! ~

'Your voice!
It' has changed.'

On my toes.
To do it...
One more time! ~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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