An Impure Soul

Impure soul
contaminated with souls.
Self-within with selves
With selves not to be Self.

Within self should two selves.
With two souls. Two Selves.
Impure souls are crying.
Many selves are dying.

Pure soul is sobbing.
Self failed for Meanings.
Like rain from the Sky.
Trees and water to Purify.

Secrets of Souls not far.
Not Without. Within. In Jars.
Walking in dark without Light.
As impure soul for Truth to fight!

by Rohan Razi

Comments (2)

Very interesting poem. There are indeed so many secrets and mysteries surrounding our soul. I consider the soul the purest part of our being, but it tends to be so silent, when compared to the loudness of our ego (including our intellect and emotions) . I often wanted my soul to be louder, but then became aware that the way of our soul IS silence. Well written and thought provoking poem.
When contaminated with negative desires and energy with bad thoughts and actions a soul is regarded as impure soul. Secrets of souls remain in truth. Original values should be up-lifted. An amazing poem is wisely penned...10