An Inclusive India

Poem By Khurshid Alam

Ajnabi is registered a Christian at school
And bargains exemption of fee by half
And all miscellanies full; and sings hymns
To Jesus and celebrates Christmas.
He enjoys mirth unbound and has no vices.
He reverences Palestine, Ichthus and the Cross.

He stops cars and buses and collects
Donation to organise the puja pandal
On Dashehra and throws colors of joy
On others on Holi and dances
To the tune of cymbal and dhak
And joins the crowd to the sacred river
And immerses the idols and returns home
With much faith and peace in heart.
Manu’s adventure, Om and Swastika
Are the ideals of his Hindu faith.

At home he observes fast in Ramadan
And goes to the mosque every Friday
And celebrates Eid and prides in listening
To the sacrifices the prophets made for mankind
Abraham’s black stone, Crescent, and calligraphy
are his driving forces.

India is an inclusive nation—
Profane and sacred; traditional and revolutionary
Godly and samkhya; political and social—
And now a new micro-India will arise
From some where in the crowd
To move the wheel of life!

Note: Publsihed in Muse India, Sep-Oct 2009.

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Such an inclusive view of India On The Wheel of life Always something new in the motion

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