An Industrial Relations Manager

I am a junior officer who has studed law
But when it comes to some people of my department
My only interest is in finding their flaws
I couldn't care less how innocent, hardworking
Or honest they be
Because it is my job that needs security
I agree with anyone who has complaints
About them
And feed my bosses with wrong information
On them till they finally yell
My greatest delights are -victimising and
Issuing them false letters
And nixt day after they are absent
I call in people for their jobs
In the hope that they do better
With personnel manager I enjoy a game
Of cricket
Whilst I try to bowl these employees
He keeps stumps to take their wickets
The people whose work I admire most
Are lady secretaries
Because they are the gateways to
The bosses territories.

by Marlene Thaddeus

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