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An Inevitable Couple
BP (13/09/1986 / india)

An Inevitable Couple

A couple of inevitable facts in life,
one so sweet; the other so bitter;
one steals our heart; the other our body;
they are nothing but love and death,

Have you tasted love?
the sweetest dish to the lips and the heart,
have you felt love?
the feeling cherished lifelong,

Have you tested death?
the worst nightmare in the human heart,
have you felt death?
the tornado that snatches beloved hearts.

I ruminate my everlasting true love
our hearts bound as one forever,
though our bodies miles apart,
hope our delicious dreams become realities,

but then comes Mr. Fate,
unique for his villainous acts,
oh! how can we challenge him?
we, just puppets in his hands.

I recall the day my loved one died,
the day my eyes became pools of teem,
she, an embodiment of love and sacrifice,
her memory, an evergreen tree in my heart.

Ah! love, how soft and fragrant you are?
are you made of all the roses on earth
perhaps you are an ember,
that keeps my soul and blood warm.

Oh death! how hard and harsh you are?
are you made of all the stones and thorns in the world,
perhaps you are a pruning hook,
that prunes away my favourites and the greatest.

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Very fine free verse - mature and well-conceived.