An Inner Thought

Per chance when vanished for words,
and thought's echo a wandering flow.
In wonders 'bout an achievers dream,
hope for sounds in meditation to grow.

The creator of the heavens and earth,
is above ones burden of tears.
turn to heed direction will suffice
the utmost desolve of searing fears.

Oh Allah protect me from dissloved thoughts,
the ones that may bring lonelines in me.
Grant me that which I seek your solace,
In prayer and patience with guidance from thee.

In humbleness of ask remove that barrier,
which so unfairly have we misjudged.
This to ponder in the words of lost,
only to correct within your trust.

Almighty Allah let me not fray a lost cause,
guide me to achieve a smile for subdued fate.
In You alone may I find that beauty of love,
My one and only Lord, God, devoid of hate

A few words of thoughts I have said,
to transform feelings of unsend.
May Allahs blessings be upon you
an grant us all that sanctified trend.

by Siddic Nagdee

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