Forgive Me.

Incomplete, not accomplished mission,
Forsaken eyes, blinded love.
Honesty, yet the best policy,
A difficult mystery left to solve.

Incredible moments,
Hard to forget.
Never-ending happiness,
To loose I shall not let.

Although I've tried,
It's just slipping away from me.
I wish I hadn't done this,
But that I cannot be.

I will crown you with my heart,
And dress you with my joy.
Although you're disappointed with me,
Please forgive me and annoy.

My stupidity and guiltyness,
On my shoulder it weighs.
But as for our hatred,
Just ' Let it Burn' as Usher says.

by Moana Tuigamala

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Comments (6)

A short witty poem that depicts massive deaths.
I think he meant that it rained on the Just and unjust alike.. iip.. James
A very small yet splendid creation by the poet. Thanks for sharing it.
He fell upon the just and the unjust.... great theme inside it. Beautiful poem in concise.
Such a brilliant write by Ambrose Bierce.....
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