That by nature man is born
in a world where destruction is set
where each infant is met
with a build in thorn

of germs of the plague and unadorned
enters it almost as the Creator’s pet
struggles to get
through the passing years, headstrong and stubborn

surviving against the tooth and claw
with a higher purpose in man build in
to comprehend, to be self aware and to love,
to build splendid things from mere straw,
to impact on everything living
reaching with prayers, with hope to God above.

by Gert Strydom

Comments (6)

A short witty poem that depicts massive deaths.
I think he meant that it rained on the Just and unjust alike.. iip.. James
A very small yet splendid creation by the poet. Thanks for sharing it.
He fell upon the just and the unjust.... great theme inside it. Beautiful poem in concise.
Such a brilliant write by Ambrose Bierce.....
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