Ballerina And Clown (For K. L.) ~ Balerina I Klovn

A good ballerina must be
perfectly meticulous.
A good clown must be
silly and clumsy.

The two of them are
an incompatible couple,
but the paths of attraction
are always unpredictable.
For true love doesn't exist
measure, the time and a border.


Balerina i klovn (Za K. L.)

Dobra balerina mora biti
savršeno pedantna.
Dobar klovn mora biti
luckast i šlampav.

Njih dvoje su nespojiv par
ali putevi privlačnosti
su uvijek nepredvidivi.
Za pravu ljubav ne postoji
mjera, vrijeme i granica.

by Jankovic Zoran

Comments (6)

A short witty poem that depicts massive deaths.
I think he meant that it rained on the Just and unjust alike.. iip.. James
A very small yet splendid creation by the poet. Thanks for sharing it.
He fell upon the just and the unjust.... great theme inside it. Beautiful poem in concise.
Such a brilliant write by Ambrose Bierce.....
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