(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

An Insight Enlightened

When you get tired of flying,
Let go and untie from the kite.
With rest to get whenever you like.
A flight kept to ride,
May lose the excitement...
Of one's appetite.

When you have tired of soaring more,
Just untie from the kite.
Done to do to get another view.
And one that might clear,
A sight that brightens...
When unexpected clouds disappear.

Sometimes from the ground,
With a backstep taken...
One gets a better view,
Of a horizon that captures...
Aspects of life diverse and multi-faceted.

Sometimes sitting down to look around,
Has a better affect on one's perception.
Connecting to a direction,
One had not expected to discover success.
Especially without stretching one's neck,
Seeking it in skies of blue.

Sometimes it takes,
Stepping aside from flying high.
Sometimes it takes,
Packing up that kite.
And cutting loose the strings,
To use them to wrap around that kite tight.

And sometimes it just takes,
Redoing one's made steps to reflect...
When patience became less tolerated.
To notice this to find,
Success is not attached to a kite.
But to a mind that has begun,
To have a hindsight broaden...
By an insight enlightened and quieted,
From interacting with distractions.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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