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An Insomniac's Night
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An Insomniac's Night

Poem By Ratri Mandal

Dusk falls, darkness sets in moments after
Night falls, grows darker and darker
Soothing breeze relaxes my senses
But when I try to close my eyes, I never fall into a state deeper
Minutes pass, quarters past, hour after hour
That deep heavy feeling never develops further

Darkest grows the night, clouds in the sky have drifted apart
In an instant, they look farther
But my eyes don't want to shut
Mind doesn't want to rest for some time
And I keep gazing at the clouds, but they have faded away
Dawn will break some time later

It becomes a little dull, then strange too
Gets eerie and haunting deep inside, for a moment or two
Then I give up hope for my brain's rejuvenation
At least for that night, I slip into frustration
Still so sluggish I become that I can't get up, not even once
Even to see the ticking machine, the number of the hour

Suddenly, I open my eyes, the Sun looks like a total dazzler
Seems like it's a good morning today
But hey! Look at the sun-rays, it cannot be called day
It's going to be noon soon, I've already missed so much
This is not what I like to start my day with
No day starts in a right way, not in a proper manner

I can only try, or say a prayer
Count sheep, or continue the daily affair
Every night and the day after
Day after, day after

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The unfortunate and deplorable medical condition, insomnia, which robs sleep off eyes of the afflicted, well depicted in the poem. A lovely piece of poetry, well articulated and nicely penned with insight. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.