The Last Donkey

I am gathering laurels
to crown the last donkey
in my town

It is the only donkey which
thinks that soon i will be having
the heydays of my
writing career

I will have this donkey paraded in town
To be cheered by all the nitwits and nincompoops
And then the feast at home begins
All menu based on donkey meat.


Comments (9)

a child inspiring poem 10
a short yet meaningful poem of what a love is...........a child's love is the most divine love we could share..........10
yo got inspired by the right person, this poem is truly beautiful....I am sure many more parents shall agree with is all about those moments of love and the laurels
True, a child's love is more pleasing than any other kind of love in the world.
Beautiful write. Raj Nandy is an inspiration to many. Warm regards, Sandra
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