An Instinct For Transcendental Reality

The mystical genius has an instinct
for transcendental Reality,
which seers and creators so often possess.

These people have a measure of illumination.
They are the initiates of beauty
or of wisdom, as the great mystic
is the initiate of love.

In the illuminative state
the subject gets a veritable foothold
in that transcendental world.

by Genova Maaa my mother

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The mystic has a spiritual ability and an aptitude for an-other worldly, unconfined existence which clairvoyants, mediums, poets, artists and creative people also so often possess. All of these people have a portion of awareness within them. They are the instigators of elegance and artistry, or of foresight and enlightenment as the mystic is the advocate of divine love. In this state of awareness, the follower gets an authentic grip in the world of the divine.