An Intended Mess

Whatever it is that is here and appears.
There had to have been someone near it,
Who knew it to identify.
But decided to go along.
And not try to prevent an intended mess.
That someone decided,
Not to protest and thought it best.
Since protecting their own selfish interest,
Had been kept more prioritized.
Than a fast sliding downhill,
Of a quality of life.
No longer sliding but now takes,
A speeded up nose dive.

And as these decisions made often go.
Others uncertain,
And convinced to follow with mouths closed.
Also get caught up in the whirlwind,
Of delusions.
Accepting to believe,
What affects others will not affect them.
Like a tribe trying to stay alive to survive,
Through a created devastation.
They stood by without it to acknowledge,
Not too many can sustain kept high expectations.
Feasting on dust, pollution of all kinds.
And a hope to find delicious,
A craving taste for a chef prepared tumbleweed.
As decisions go and thoughtlessly followed.
Those who ignore the possible consequences,
Without considering them at all.
Are the first to become upset.
To find themselves left to criticize.
Eventually wonder why,
They chose to follow others.
Equally indecisive and incompetent.
To allow it because they had been impressed,
By an image that had represented...
Everything except,
An ability known to make one good decision.
Or whatever it is they perceived was there.
But never had been for anyone to remember it was.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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