(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

An Interest To Have Had

Gone to take with them incentive.
And motivation.
Betrayed and taken for granted.
Also is an interest to have had,
That has overstayed its visit.
With this shown to give to those,
Sitting without appreciating...
The ones returning to share,
Their experiences learned.
But discover it impossible,
To share and give to others unfamiliar...
Of what it is to earn,
From a listening to do.
Before arguing over what life is about.
With free headaches too!
Without having initiative or motivation.
Or being able to shut their mouths.
Done to prove,
An incentive that has removed respect...
From their progress.
And not the one who decides,
Ignorance to accept it 'and' expect...
Provides neither motivation,
Nor incentive to continue to tolerate.
With a fading dedicated patience.
Since one who has found peace of mind,
Will not sacrifice it to leave behind.
For too long to know it missed.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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