An Intimidated Poet

I lost my pen, love
it ran out of ink.
all I have left
is a pencil with

by Eila Mahima Jaipaul Click to read full poem

Comments (14)

Lovely! No longer than it needed to be. Every word counts. Great job!
how charming and lovely. One of the best non rhyming poems I have read in awhile. So simple and sweet.
A short yet brilliant poem.. The use of the pencil with 'chewed' eraser is beautiful...
Lovely poem, simple but a beauty that is capable to touch a reader
Simple and powerful poem....on Life, on relationship and on everything it fits perfectly.
Solid words on a short leash. This poem is full of confidence. I love it. Thank you.
An enjoyable poem; loved how the ending fit the poem's title.
I really like this one. Finding the right words does often feel impossible. How to capture somebody that means so much on paper?
Oooohhhhh! that's a dodgy situation there Eila, I think breadcrumbs are supposed to work quite well as an eraser, though I've never tried it. Clever write indeed. Love Ernestine XXX
volumes in brevity avr
fantastic ending. Short but absolutely the right length for impact. Nice!
...which you have done, Eila. Like Mr Shaffer says, so much meaning with so few, delightful words. A gem.
I really like this Eila! Very nice. Sincerely, mary
Eila, this is nice work. It is short, compact, and makes its point without a lot of extra words. In a poem like this, the very brevity of it forces the reader to make more of the words, and here that process is greatly rewarded. Good work.