An Intoxicating Woman

The rapture imparted
By your tender smile
And blue inviting eyes
Is astonishing and consuming!

by Uriah Hamilton Click to read full poem

Comments (8)

I'm under the impression of your remarkable style of writing. Your talent is undeniable. Keep inspiring us with your exceptional work
i swear, if anyone ever read this poem to me, i would faint. it's that romantic. it's like a cross between the sweetest ambrosia and the most fiery spice...i'm almost completely speechless (and i usually always have something to say) . so i close: damn, damn, DAMN this is GOOD. eni da kid
Ok.....strawberry wine again? Lovely sentiment and such romantic words - how could anyone refuse such sweet nectar? You do write a passionate plea, Uriah. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and also in his soul. Linda
This brought a shiver to my spine. I'm just familiarising myself with my work and it is clear to me you are one of the most romantic souls and talented wordsmiths on this site. Another stunner of a piece, Uriah. t x
WOOOOOO! ! ! Love without passion is pretty dead... Uriah, even when you are cold in the grave, you will still be full of fiery emotion! (Cherish the beloved, but dispense with the pedestal - my two cents.) The second stanza, esp. the second half, is magic.
Uriah, This is passionate stuff, brilliantly written. The 'over the top' delivery is perfect for the 'intoxication' you experience. love, Alison xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Oh, goodness gfracious me, steady on lad, this is hot stuff indeed. Very well written and very sizzling to read. Excellent. Love Ernestine XXX
Uriah, Uriah! A true troubadour. Wonderful.