An Introduction

I don't wish to introduce myself,
Because reality stirrs my soul.
I am like one,
Who has lost his goal.

Where to go what to do,
Are not subject concern with me.
There is darkness all around,
Where ever in this world I see.

Realise me as a lamenting soul,
Adversity has already destined my goal.
Vanity recalls me to rise,
I'll survive if dies..............

by Ahatisham Alam

Comments (4)

Outstanding philosophical expression. Nicely articulated and sweetly rhymed non-introduction. Because reality stirrs my soul. I am like one.... Who has lost his goal.... as a lamenting soul
You have expressed one of the deepest feelings of all humanity in this poem, and have done a superb job of it! Excellent poem, great meaning for all when read in your poem. Thank you for sharing your wise thoughts. RoseAnn
i like this poem it describes your personally beautifully
Your lyrical submission of a feeling all of us without exception feel is only too well understood by arya here. This is exactly a feeling that is called compassion and empathy in the eyes of a poet. God be with you........arya.