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An Invasion

Who are the creatures that enter in the night

Doors and windows are locked tight

Curtains drawn to keep out light

Still they enter the premises in the night

I shake and shiver and call my husband dear

He’s asleep and he doesn’t hear I shake with fear

An army of faceless beings and outlined bodies draws near

They walk side by side all the same height

These freaky creatures of the night

No eyes to see or shed a tear no nose to breathe no ears to hear

Where are their mouths to speak they have no bodies or hearts

Do they have souls or just an outline of nothing a sight to behold

I close my eyes not to see but when I open them again

I see an outline of a head besides me in my bed

I scream and nothing comes out I turn on the light still shaken

My husband awakens but he doesn’t see the creatures in the night

I’m not dreaming I declare for I just felt a rush of air

The breeze you feel when a human passes on by

No harm has come from the beings who visit in the night

Now I’ve struck a new chord maybe their sent here by the Lord

Angels descending from the sky Angels in no disguise

by Lucille Breggia

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