# An Island Within- Tanka

Can I lie dormant
As tulip bulb in winter
To hibernate,
And come up feeling better,
Spread joy in good weather.

by Mamta Agarwal

Comments (5)

Indeed an island within.....10++++
dear mamtaji, none can hide beauty from the eyes of a poet..... he or she can visualize in the open planes of mind......
To pass the winter season in domestic seclusion Humans too do have to Hibernate... With a great hope of summer To Blossom with colours... There are many in such an Island of seclusion I wish a wonderful come back in the days ahead To the main land...with those powers they preserved. I love this word 'Hibernate' very much Thank you dear poet For that wonderful word Being presented so magestically.
'Sleep is the source of strength, a balm for aching soul' You can wake up rejuvinated like a Phoenix.......good tanka.....10
Yes, surely you can! With the coming of Spring, there is an upsurge within; like many re-births, as we remain on this earth! -Raj Nandy