An Oath Of Crow

Caw! Caw! Unto the wind!
That to which you do own.
If not for you, the wind would lack,
The message I must be told.
Whether the lesson be for me,
I learn it all the same.
For your gift of song will delight those,
Who know not how to sing.

You sing a song without a voice,
Which teaches me a pride.
A pride that knowing wisdom,
Can be found in simple delight.
But what delight could be as such,
Without some serious fun?
Either way, you somehow know,
The song that must be sung.

Sing to me, O' mighty one,
A tune I will learn and remember.
A song that manifests from an eye,
That observes, and sees all.
Surely, this will be so great,
as you have shown me awe.
So come on down, and teach by choice,
The wondrous Caw! Caw! Caw!

by Rowan Welch

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