An Obligatory Autumn

Crushed leaves tempered, under my step, on the road of mystery
Drying vain of autumns passing, bring fall to textures beneath me
Candles align the corridor, of the indecisive, a chamber of fates mind
Options played, before me and the second hand dealt, in favoured kind

Grasp the tree and shake, for the forage of the fruitful, indulgence
A memory, of a the summer just gone, and the winds sit in silence
Cloaked and alone, whilst pondering on the reminiscent periods
Of the moments in time of laughter, joy and song, celebrative odds

A song that plays, in cordial with pictures, thoughts of many faces
Serves me that a memory, can be like the stain, on something of aces
The highest decree fathomed, under duress, of one step following another
So time of these events, continue to tick by, like history of an aesthetic lover

Sometimes moments can be lost, then invigorated by a sense, of something
The familiar, brought to ones mind, when all else is foreign, and unknowing
Walking on through these woods, a partition, for a new path represents a choice
For a future season that can’t be planned, do I remit or rest, or choose to rejoice?

All that is hollow in a winter next door, my time here on the path, in the woods
The wildlife taking stock and a new formation, of winter’s life, begins onwards
Treasure this heart, for the blood veins be the branches, to this my solitary soul
So much that was to live for, now seeks rest bite, under the ever greying toll

A seed planted today, rests in night and time sought, germinates in springs call
For all that is beginning to still, pausing for the endeavour, of another winters fall
Summertime’s eyes that rest now, for the awakening of another year, gone passed
Echoing in my sleepy mind, are the songs of the days, of laughter that will always last

by Vision Ghost

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