~an Obscene Scene~

Welcome to the scene
There's some stains from a loather
A twisted love conveyed
By what's drained on the covers

Passions at their peak on the prowl
Through the process
Glistening lips that whisper
To the captain of the cockpit

Taking off what is
As they reach their elevation
Mile high club swinging
To the beat of penetration

A bitter lovers quarrel clung
To the carry on baggage
She's got the perfect view
On the manifest, her advantage

The clueless comfort felt
Through the long forgotten distance
Seperation mere illusion
As you'll learn from this instance

The housekeepers keycard snatched
While she's distracted
The calm before a storms
Forceful interaction

Slowly the door opens
To lovers lost in their sounds
Drenched in sweat, cheek to cheek
3 Hearts pound aloud

Shaken to her roots she always knew
But now she knows, frozen she's cold
Her hatred boils in what flows, finally
She's letting go, her blade, his throat

by E Nigma

Comments (12)

As always you weave a story to hold the readers attention a gruesome tale told with wonderful description. Well done
I very much like this poem. It took me into its own sort of world. It was like reading a book and I could hardly tear my eyes from the page.
A very thrilling and quite unique write. Almost left me chilled to the bone. Very intensive just like a movie. Passionate and enthralling.l
hmmm don't we all truely have dual personality... just some are more aware then others. I love this. You were clearly able to show two sides with out a big reveal. Very sexy and disturbing. Wonderful job as always!
Sometimes in life, so many things blindfold us from knowing the reality. This poem, fantastically narrates a very pitiful story with lots of poetic beauty a each stanza is connected nicely to the next with that chain of flowing ideas, the title chosen for this poem undoubtedly reflects the content as well as the themes in the poem. Though a sad poem, the diction employed here conveys a clear message and presents the exact imagery. I like this poem, very piteous but well written....Good job Enigma!
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