An Observation On, ' Judgement

If you are, I am what?
Frightened about all that nothing, is?
Concise happy being young,
seeing you grow archaic diligent
dry painfull older.
And I am told by you that I am but never why.
I think you can but don't.
And judgements when they never are.
I am in the dark.
It is you the light arched doorways always are.
About two things consice most never being,
judgement is.
Personalities thus they are, pray understand them.
The history of each other within our reach.
Never being taught our teacher is.
Extroverted, deeply introverted when I come,
whom some ask why?
Inferance from such simple observations.
Judging eyes when I am asking judged you naught.
When I am you.
By your very hidden deep within those very tissues.
Biased judgements never spoken, broken open issues are.

by James McLain

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