(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

An Obvious Admission

Nothing anyone does with honest intentions,
Is done with malice to achieve...
The getting of attention.
That kind of masquerading is seldom belabored.
I have never met someone,
Who approached to speak to me honestly...
And did it with intent to bring me harm.
Only the inexperienced,
Would perceive someone who has aged...
Has never been fooled to be duped or tricked before.
Unless they walked around with a sign that read:
'Please Help Me Awaken From My Delusions.'
This, I would think, is an obvious admission.
At least a clue that should not confuse the issue.

However...I will say this to admit,
Very few people today are that sincere...
To make it their purpose,
With it done to make understood and clear...
The only objective they have is to respect others.
And if the doing is not accepted,
I have not met anyone yet expressing a desire...
With attempts to convince me,
Of something from them I did not feel...
That has left 'my' doing to leave them offended.
Since I need no assistance to recognize honesty.
When I arrived to know it for myself,
I became freed from soliciting it from anyone else.
Or have it defined.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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