An Ocean Apart

Unburden yourself with the weight of thoughts
Inconclusive ideas baffle, brain scrambles
Definitions jumble, who can unscramble
Find a geek, learn the codes, chatroom
Invitation, fencesitter is a no-quitter
Huddled together, off we go into
Hyperspace, design muddle
Real struggle repurpose
Netflix binge, retouch
Dreams are meant
To depressurize
Attics meant
For fanatics
An ant
In a glitch
Time to switch
Series from Zoo
To Korean Oddysey
Where are we, what's
Your purpose, lost in a
Pose, is it the good doctor
Or the Scorpion now in action
Yet the real catch is utility and
Dysfunctional personality, an ocean
Apart brought together in a swimming
Pool, learn strategies from a mad Spector
In the end, it's you standing amidst the wreck
Lost and found, feet on the ground, reconnoiter
Recognize your strengths, what you have, strengthen

by Doris Cornago

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Doris, such an interesting write👍👍👍