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An October Night (Halloween Poem)
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An October Night (Halloween Poem)

Poem By Chuck Audette

the wind whispers
a wary warning
There was plenty, still
early this morning

These primal urges
are hard to fight
an unholy diet
a dark appetite

The pavement scrapes
with scuttling leaves
I'll pull the drapes
and hope to deceive

The moon suffocates
in ominous clouds
shut off the lights
heart beats too loud

then the neighbor's gate creaks
but its not the the wind
that seeks to feast
on fearing humans

red brake lights
a car crawls by slow
the shadowy shapes
on my dark doorstep know

that the empty window
of my house lies..
the horrible truth
hides deep inside

everything tonight
could have been just dandy
but now the demons have wrath -
Cause I ate all the candy!

Happy Halloween!

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Comments (15)

I get the sense of absurdity of every possible Halloween rites.Nice And humorous thanks.
Loved it. Will save it for my grand kid!
Very funny, love how it built and the climax was an empty candy pail.
Oh no, they didn't soap your windows or egg your car I hope! Do kids still do that now a days? Great build up to a surprise ending...Happy Halloween Chuck!
Ahh, found my favorite new Halloween poem..plus a lot of good hints for the future!