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An Ode For Weeping Lady
IS (February 26th 1983 / Central Java > Indonesia)

An Ode For Weeping Lady

Poem By Instalasi Sastra

Oh though I’m nobody for thee,
It hard for me to see;
When tears pour’d from thy eyes,
My bosom prays for thousand remedies [A solemnity to make thou happy]

My sweet lady don’t thou hide thy smile,
And thy affability that mesmerizes me;
Exile all thy anguish for million miles,
A zestful resurrection for bliss I wish to see.

I’m one of those who revere thee,
A secret admires better unknown;
Thy sensitivity can reveal the image of me,
And all beauteous secret will be known.

Oh my wish comes true,
To see thee cheerful in bliss;
Thy beauty refresh’d and sparkled in hue,
Heavenly boon ours heart will surely kiss.

Farewell, it’s time for me to cast off,
No right for I to embrace thee;
Although a glimpse of romance have knock me off,
Perhaps thou and I are not meant to be

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