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An Ode To Chalk

easily powdered
you come in all colors
pink, orange, red, blue
yellow, indigo, all hues
I use white to write and prove
theorem of Pythagoras on
black boards for my students
kids use it to color their books
artists use it to draw nudes
in all shapes and sizes -
the pleasant plumps
with huge butts and boobs
and the skinny like bamboo shoots
all bare bones no flesh to hide
no boobs, no butts, no nothing
just pretty faces with smiles
all luster and lust, nothing else
but chalk, O dear chalk
all of them, you immortalise
glory to you O chalk
they live on and you
only a short life.

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(cont.) [i meant i still liked....your poem] once i stopped at a psychic fair and looked around, deciding to have a 'psychic'-artist draw a pastel(s) /colored chalk 'montage' of portraits of me as i appeared to the psychic's mind? in my past lives. some were male, some female, some old, & some young me's. i don't believe OR disbelieve in psychics, but i did enjoy the experience and the resulting art; but, alas, i disposed of it years ago. bri ;)
ya know, i THOUGHT the title sounded like one i'd read. see comment from Dec.2017 (or not): i think i meant to type I'll take a bamboo shoot! i still like it! (cont.)
Chalk is ephemeral, yet it builds a landscape. From the time when diatoms grew exoskeletons, chalk was deposited on the sea bottom, to become the cliffs of Dover. Now it is deposited on paper.
I agree with Bri. I love poems that take something so seemingly ordinary as chalk and then turn them into the spectacular or that use them to widen a worldly perspective. Thanks for sharing.
I enjoyed poem. I like poems telling of mundane things, but showing thought and creativity. The chalk lives on, but in a powdered form. I'll take a bamboo stalk, please. I mean bamboo stick. ToMyPoemList. Bri :)
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