Song—the Young Highland Rover

LOUD blaw the frosty breezes,
The snaws the mountains cover;
Like winter on me seizes,
Since my young Highland rover
Far wanders nations over.
Where'er he go, where'er he stray,
May heaven be his warden;
Return him safe to fair Strathspey,
And bonie Castle-Gordon!

The trees, now naked groaning,
Shall soon wi' leaves be hinging,
The birdies dowie moaning,
Shall a' be blythely singing,
And every flower be springing;
Sae I'll rejoice the lee-lang day,
When by his mighty Warden
My youth's return'd to fair Strathspey,
And bonie Castle-Gordon.

by Robert Burns

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(cont.) [i meant i still liked....your poem] once i stopped at a psychic fair and looked around, deciding to have a 'psychic'-artist draw a pastel(s) /colored chalk 'montage' of portraits of me as i appeared to the psychic's mind? in my past lives. some were male, some female, some old, & some young me's. i don't believe OR disbelieve in psychics, but i did enjoy the experience and the resulting art; but, alas, i disposed of it years ago. bri ;)
ya know, i THOUGHT the title sounded like one i'd read. see comment from Dec.2017 (or not): i think i meant to type I'll take a bamboo shoot! i still like it! (cont.)
Chalk is ephemeral, yet it builds a landscape. From the time when diatoms grew exoskeletons, chalk was deposited on the sea bottom, to become the cliffs of Dover. Now it is deposited on paper.
I agree with Bri. I love poems that take something so seemingly ordinary as chalk and then turn them into the spectacular or that use them to widen a worldly perspective. Thanks for sharing.
I enjoyed poem. I like poems telling of mundane things, but showing thought and creativity. The chalk lives on, but in a powdered form. I'll take a bamboo stalk, please. I mean bamboo stick. ToMyPoemList. Bri :)
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