An Ode To Coffee

You rich and gleaming precious beans
So sleek and flawless and fine
To bar you from me would be mean
To ban you would be a cruel crime

I cannot express the joy you bring
Your aroma, flavor and beauty
Above all hot liquid you are king
Grand champion over lowly tea

From afar I hear the refrain
Of miraculous perculation
I pause and listen to the strain
In lover-like adoration

At any party you are my delight
In the morning you are my salvation
I drink you no matter day or night
My afternoon cause for celebration

Oh, this my ode to coffee so dear
Whose very name is deep and divine
I now say thank you and wipe a tear
To this lovely drink so very sublime

by Beth Culley

Comments (2)

I am a caffaddict (that is what i call my love for nice one going there ^^^ Preets
I too like Coffee...Am having one now.Thanks for the poem.Good one.