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An Ode To My Love!
AS (19th March 1989 / India)

An Ode To My Love!

Poem By Ankur Shrivastava

Burdened with time,
Broken into nasty days
And sleepless nights.
A moment remains free,
Undivided, whole, infinite.
The moment I spend with you

My soul-
Buried in a figment of universe.
Bound to hatred,
Lies hunger and defeats.
And I cling to you
With delicate rays
Sharing your warmth,
Luminosity and life.

I am-
Insecure and afraid
Of the conspiring tides.
Looking for hiding,
Your love spins a cocoon
And I survive the storms.

Come closer, my love!
The sobs of my grieving heart
Will merge into your rhythmic beats.
Mourning voices dissolve
In an enchanting love song.

O My Love!
Leave me for a moment not.
Embrace me and be my wings.
Let me fly
In your serene dark eyes.

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