An Ode To My Pedagogue!

Oh! Dear Teacher
Admire I, your discipline
Which moulded me into a sociable being!
In walk of my life.

Oh! My dear Master
Adore I, your wonderful eloquence
That Inspired me to be Prudent!
In life's Sojourn.

Oh! Great is thy effort
Mere, a word of thanks
Falls short of gratitude
To thy exceptional leadership!

Miles far, Travelled not I
To stand as an Independent Woman
Education imparted, since the days of my early childhood
Empowered me to be a Benevolent being!

Dear Mama! You are indeed a Role Model!
My First Teacher &
Influential Woman Celebrity of my life!
Happy Teachers Day!

by Queeny Gona

Comments (2)

A really wonderful tribute to your mother, who is your first teacher and instrumental in shaping your character.
Nice expression, nice gratitude. Nice to share.