An Ode To One Who Had Once Said 'Bye'.

As we strolled hand in hand through life's fast lane,
I was happy and my soul was on song;
Till Destiny decided I be made sane;
And though I did no wrong,
Yet you decided to just turn and say 'Bye',
Not knowing of the heart you broke, not hearing the anguished sigh!

There were moments of joy, just you and me,
Peering through Memory's golden lanes I can see:
And then you put me out of my trance,
Shaking the very core of my existence,
When you bid me ' Bye',
Not noticing the quivering lips and the moist eye!

I still remember the day of my Rebirth,
When you had wiped my lips of their mirth:
Clapping a dagger to my heart,
Letting me dropp to my knees and bleed by the hearth,
Fading away from my life with a 'Bye',
Leaving me alone to cringe and cry!

Now that you have come back,
You can see that I didn't stop, though my pace did slack.
Now that you are here again,
I am reminded of nothing but the tears and the pain!
Now it is my turn to make you cry and say 'Bye',
As my eyes dim and I die!

Though I have, now, ascended high,
Yet, you feel my presence nigh.
Then, you wring your hands and cry.
To forget me, you do try;
But your cheeks they never are dry.
When you remember me, you pine and you sigh;
And then you ask yourself why
You had, then, bid me 'Bye'!

by Touhid Barkat

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