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An Ode To Panipat 3

When India in suppliance bent, was shivering seeing Abdali's scourge
From distant Deccan a brave and dauntless people finally did emerge

Whilethe mighty Mughals were trembling seeing the Afghan's power
There were heroic and hardy Marhatta men who just refused to cower

From Udgir marched brave Sadashiv Bhau with his squad of Maratha men
To take on the zealot who killed and looted Indians, every now and then

Joined by some Gardi brothers who were indeed true to their country's salt
Prepared to thwart on mother India looter Afghan's vicious-wicked assault

Rajputs, Jats and Sikhs, sadly support Bhau found from absolutely none
Najib Rohilla, Waliullah and Shuja, a traitorous net for Marathas was spun

At Kunjpura the Decannis made early gains and did beat the Afghans well
But the delay and wait cost the Indians dear and the life slowly turned to hell

Bereft of help and deprived of food the Marathas still chose to valiantly fight
For Dev, Desh and Soil on a distant land they did great golden history write

At early hours on that Sankrant day the Marathas made their wild charge
Gardi's booming guns worked wonders with their thunderous cannon barrage

Brave Sadashiv Bhau struck into Shah Wali's formation like a bolt of thunder
Stopped dead in tracks and dazed, the Afghan army was almost split asunder

Just when it looked the invaders were done and a glorious victory was earned
Fickle fingers of fate worked against Bharat and the winning tide was turned

Wishwasrao fell by a stray shot and commander Sadashiv Bhau lost his mind
Jumped off his howda and started hand to hand fight in a fit of rage so blind

Evil Afghan had his plan and unleashed reserves on tired Marathas brave
Tables were turned and heroes fell, results for Bharat were dark and grave

Two pearls dissolved,27 gold coins lost, of Silver-Copper there's no count
In these coded words sad Nanasaheb at Pune got the battle's final account

Who actually won and who lost we can today always dissect and debate
The brave men who selflessly died for Bharat we can only sit and adulate

Even Abdali sang paeans for Maratha bravery but we've forgotten them all
Those who forget history are condemned to repeat every major historical fall

by Thinker Shah

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The Battle of Panipat narrated with meticulous detail brings alive the history in the making. Thanks.
Nice one, beautiful heroic description of the Marathas
A fabulous ode. I liked the intensity of poetic expression.. thanks for sharing.... 10