An Ode To Rain

Poem By Santhanagopalan Vasudevan

When you'd come, and when you'd go
No one in this world does, for certain, know.
You cool the earth down all in one,
Though you yourself are burnt by the sun.

Sometimes a flood, sometimes a drought,
You turn people's lives distraught.
With your power, you can make all life perish;
Yet, without you, no life can flourish.

Some say, they never touch each other - the earth and the sky;
Maybe they didn't see you in their mind's eye.

Comments about An Ode To Rain

This poem reminds me very much of one of my own poems also posted on this website and titled Ode To The Rain. If you get a spare moment please read.
Great poem. Rain brings devastation as well as much sought after relief to the farmers and people in general. It is rightly called the link between the sky and the earth. Thanks for sharing. You cool the earth down all in one, Though you yourself are burnt by the sun.
Simple, meaningful and the last two lines the most....indeed a good work- 10++++

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4,8 out of 5
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