An Ode To The Velvet Voice

for Lebo Mathosa

around my heart are briuses and grooves
that prove my devestation as i pay tribute
with every day i meet i pray
to gain strength to pull through to another day
around my soul tears abound whenever i think of you
i could not wound your badly infected wounds
i fumble for words to explain
i mumble the feeling i cannot express
the shadow almost held my heart still
the requiem won't arouse you from your peaceful sleep
our friendship is enshrined in my living room
not long ago i offered my silent homage to you
i trust you kknow this is no goodbye
though the shadow falls from time to time
with no sanction from any ruler
nor approbation from any resider
now every yesterday is recorded in the books of history
the anthologies won't bring you back, those i keep

they published your departure in different fonts
and said you'd gone to a place where happiness abounds
they captured your pictures in different poses
but chose only the perfect amongst the rest
and felicitously gathered words to tell the story of your life
from the cradle to the day you took your rest

by Stella Sisanda Qishi

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