An Ode To William Shakespeare

Over my life of years fifteen
I can safely say that I have discovered one or two things
There have been many great minds
In the history of mankind
But to me one stood out
of that I have no doubt
Perhaps you may say
Albert Einstein, Galileo maibe even Mark Twaine
But behind this man there all simply plain
For he was a master of verses, poems and plays
He died in 1564 of April 23
He made famous this line 'To be or not to be'
No higher could reach this mans fame
William Shakespeare was in fact his name
We will begin with the works of his life
For he was not merely just a playwright
He is considered the best writter of all times
All of his works are treasure as if divine
His 38 play include Hamlet, Macbeth and Romeo & Juliet
What would I have done for us to simply have met
At the age of 18
He seem to enjoy the company older lady's
For he married Anne Hathaway of age 26
Although there has been speculation if their marriage was fixed
Three children Shakespeare had
Although one of them died tryuly quite sad
Shakespeare wrote much about love and the weakness of the heart
His word were truly quite acurate like a dart hitting its mark
It was he who said 'Will a rose by any other name still smell as sweet.'
He was one of the few men who could be truly called free
His early play were mainly comedies
Genres which he raised to the peek of artistry
By the end of the sixteenth century
He wrote tragedies
In his last phase he wrote tragicomedies
In other words romance
But no matter what he wrote people would be drawn to his words like moths to lamp
And although he could not escape the great sorrow of death
Even to this day his ideas know no rest
For an idea cannot bleed
An idea cannot love
But an idea can live for centuries and many more to come
His body may no longer be here
But his ideas will always be reevered
As life changing if you can truly believe
That a simple set of words could spark so many dreams
So pick up a book and for once in your life read
Who knows you might even agree
That a genius William Shakespeare was he.

by Gabriel Joel

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good tribute. thanks a lots
Uncle Billy will be over the moon with this allocade Gabriel. Best wishes from Sid.