An Old Bag's Lament

Been together so many years
At work, and travelling all weathers too
Hung around through all your night time fears
Was with you in every shopping queue
Kept your secrets in my pocket
That photo, your diary and lovers locket
.But through it all i kept it zipped
As your silent partner was best equipped
Friends say i was always on your back
But i lightened the load along life's track
For every job interview that you attended
I was in the same room, albeit suspended
We flew to Portugal, we visited Crete
Your duty frees i kept discreet
And your trainers would almost make me heave.
You cried, but took me when she said 'just leave.'
Your bills, newspapers and secret gifts
I carried them all, on trains, in lifts.
I lost you once, in a corner i posed
But you came for me when the restaurant had closed
After so many years guess i looked off colour
Suppose i lost my sheen, my appearance was duller
I expect that you thought that i had let myself go
But no play and all work takes its toll you know
Now like the homeless in the alley
I'm rotting in the rain.
The shoulder bag you discarded
My loyalty all in vain.

by Kevin East

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